Obama Busted For Setting Up ‘Shadow Government’ In D.C. With CHILLING Anti-American Mission

If we thought we were finished with Barack Obama we were very wrong. Obama is not ready to let go of his power and it seems that he is rallying his troops. Yes, I said troops. It has been revealed that Obama has an army of agitators that numbers more than 30,000 — who will fight Trump at every turn of his historic presidency. When Obama said that he was “heartened” by the anti-Trump protests, he was giving his stamp of approval. Now his army of angry agitators is ready to go to war to complete the destruction of America.

Obama is only concerned about his legacy, and Trump threatens to undo all that he did in the past 8 years. In order to discredit Trump’s presidency, Obama is setting up a shadow government less than 2 miles away from the White House.

The New York Post reports that Obama is planning to do this through a myriad of leftist nonprofits that are led by Organizing for Action.

According to Angry Patriots:

Organizing for Action is just one of the far left nonprofit groups helping Obama try to smear President Trump. Obama’s supposedly grassroots organization is not winding down because he was forced to leave the White House — it is filling its war chest and preparing for battle!

The Organizing for Action website recently increased its recruitment of millennial snowflakes — you know, the clueless folks who have plenty of time to riot. “We’re not backing down,” a banner on the liberal group’s website pledged.

Organizing for Action is preparing to battle Trump on four key Obama issues: Obamacare, climate change, illegal immigration, and race relations. Obama’s operatives will do whatever they can to salvage Obama’s failed policies and to create division.

Obama is incredibly arrogant and cannot stand to see his “legacy” destroyed. He does not care how this affects the American people as long as he still looks important. Hopefully, these shadow government operatives will fail at their mission. However, if they want war then we will give them war. I am not willing to let this treasonous piece of crap take our country down, and I am sure you all feel the same way.

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H/T [ Angry Patriot ]

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