Navy Veteran Arrested In Ricin Probe After Suspicious Mailings To Trump And Pentagon

Fox13 reported that on Wednesday, William Clyde Allen III was arrested in Logan, Utah for mailing letters containing ricin to the President, the Pentagon, and now we learn he also sent one to the Director of the FBI as well.

The probable cause affidavit reads:

“On or about September 24, 2018, William Clyde Allen III sent, via postal mail, four letters containing ground castor beans to the President of the United States, the FBI Director, the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Naval Operations. During an interview of Allen III on October 3, 2018, Allen II confessed to having purchased castor beans and having sent letters. All four letters tested positive for ricin poison.”

The letter addressed to Mattis had a 5×8 card inside with something written on it, but that message has not yet been released.  The envelopes were said to contain castor seeds, not actually refined ricin. The seeds are as lethal as the white powder because if ingested, they can release ricin.

William Allen III served in the US Navy from October 1998 to October 2002 and was aboard two support ships during his service. He has a criminal record – child sex abuse from 2004 but was not registered as a sex offender and aggravated assault from 2008 for which he spent 3 years in prison.

Hard to decide whether he’s left or right wing, as his posts are a jumble. He may have a “faith” based on a fringe group.

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