Was A Top Democrat Named A ‘Person Of Interest’ In Seth Rich Murder That Isn’t Hillary?

Donna Brazile, the former CNN Contributor and head of the DNC, is once again a topic of discussion in the mainstream media. Rod Wheeler, a private investigator looking into the death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich, was the victim of intimidation by Donna Brazile. She attempted to scare Mr. Wheeler from looking any further into the death of the man who many believe was a source of leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks, and was going to cooperate with the FBI regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Supporting his claim, and likely a move to ensure he is not the victim of a Clinton suicide, Rod Wheeler has sent several text messages to Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman, detailing how he was “startled” by Donna Brazile and her attempts to scare him off the Seth Rich murder investigation. In the text messages that Mr. Wheeler sent Malia Zimmerman, he indicates that Brazile’s suspicious and aggressive behavior is an indicator that she is likely a person of interest in the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

So what suspicious and aggressive behavior is Rod Wheeler speaking of? Well, it appears that Donna Brazile called the police department handling the Seth Rich investigation after she found out that Rod Wheeler had met with the lead investigator on the case. She also called Rod Wheeler himself, demanding to know why he was looking into the murder of Seth Rich.

Rod Wheeler met with Washington D.C. police detective Joseph DellaCamera on April 25th, 2017. During this meeting, the detective did not explicitly state that Seth Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks, but that he was actively seeking the help of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Mr. Wheeler’s notes indicate the following: “DellaCamera was asked, ‘were you aware that Seth was having problems with two supervisors at his job (DNC) and he was very emotionally upset because of his problems at the DNC?’ DellaCamera replied, ‘I was aware that there were problems, but I don’t know who the supervisors were that he was having problems with.’”

Back in March of this year Rod Wheeler was hired by the family of Seth Rich to investigate his murder because they were not fully satisfied with the investigation that Washington D.C. police were conducting. As Mr. Wheeler pursued his investigation into the murder of Seth Rich, the Rich family made up an excuse to suddenly terminate his services by claiming they were upset that Mr. Wheeler did not follow up with the claim that Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. A more plausible explanation for the Rich family terminating the services of Mr. Wheeler is that he was getting close to solving the case, and the powers that be got to the Rich family.

The circumstances surrounding the murder of Seth Rich are suspicious. Why would a former DNC Chairperson be contacting a police department about the murder of a DNC staffer? As it stands now Donna Brazile has no leadership role in the DNC, and her direct communication with Rod Wheeler and the Rich Family’s decision to terminate Mr. Wheeler’s services create more questions than answers.

When police found Seth Rich, he still had his wallet, watch, and credit cards. Also, the shots which killed Seth Rich were fired from behind. This indicates that his murder might not have been a simple robbery gone wrong. Additionally, Seth Rich was previously at a party with Imran Awan, the IT aide hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other high ranking Democrats, who is now charged with bank fraud and was arrested while attempting to flee to Pakistan. When Rod Wheeler attempted to investigate who else was at this party and the association Seth Rich had with Imran Awan, he was again met with resistance, stating, “Seth attended that party, and I wanted to know who else was at that party. But I could never find out. When I went back to ask other people who should have known who was at that party – these were people who were close to Seth – they told me, ‘You don’t need to know who was at that party because it had nothing to do with his death. He was at the party before he went to the bar. What you do in a murder investigation is you work backward. You want to trace the victim’s steps as far back as you can – who was that person around the day before? – as far back as you can. What was interesting is when I am told as an investigator that I don’t need to talk to people who were at the party. It makes you wonder why.’”

The truth behind the murder of Seth Rich and who is responsible may never be revealed. However, it is clear that the elitists in the DNC know more than what they are saying.

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