WOW: Kaepernick Has ANOTHER Nasty Message For Any American Who Celebrated Columbus Day

Colin Kaepernick just can’t help himself. Once again he is doing what he can to ostracize those who supported him during his entire NFL career. This time it is over Columbus Day. NO matter what any of us feel personally about the often misrepresented holiday, it is still utter hypocrisy from Kaepernick to push the “massacre” line of history when he is often seen supporting dictators, oppressors, and murderers on his cutesy t-shirts.

Fidel CastroMalcolm XChe Guevara, and many another race baiting, oppression pushing hacks are often seen worn proudly by the former 49’s player and yet he continues to push his agenda that is supposedly geared towards social justice against oppression and racism. His mental patterns are clearly flawed and should be concerning to anyone close to him.

The heroes of Kaepernick are men of questionable morals and ethics. Castro is responsible for horrendous acts against his own people. Malcolm X supported an ideology that turns women into chattel and children into sex slaves. What could possibly lead Kaepernick and many in this country to support the sick and twisted teachings of men such as these? Then to wish America a Happy Columbus Day in an ironic and insulting way is the cherry on top of his ignorance.

According to Independent Journal Review :

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a Columbus Day message for America.

The former San Francisco 49ers QB has been in the spotlight over the recent NFL firestorm he inspired by sitting out the national anthem. His protest reached new heights when President Trump joined the fray, declaring that players who sit out the anthem should be fired. The comments sparked en masse protests throughout the NFL and a national dialogue on the issue.
As the protests heated up, Kaepernick has remained active on social media tweeting and sharing supporters and controversial statements alike. One of those hot takes was shared on Monday, Columbus Day.

This morning, Kaepernick retweeted college professor Christopher Petrella of Bates College who shared an image of Columbus discovering America and raising a Christian cross in the background accompanied by a quote from author James Baldwin:

“These stories are designed to reassure that no crime was committed. We’ve made a legend out of a massacre.”

And the hashtag #AbolishColoumbusDay:

Happy Columbus Day from Colin K!

Again, it doesn’t matter what anyone’s personal opinion of Columbus is. I personally don’t believe in celebrating his holiday myself, but the hypocrisy of so many is astonishing. We have a Marxist statue on our soil. A man who murdered millions. Yet, the left will defend that statue to their death while tearing apart statues of the Confederacy under the lies of racism when the south only had 6% of it’s population who were supportive of slavery during the Civil War.

Ignorance to the facts of our history will be the downfall of our beautiful country. A twisted sense of what is real and what is not has taken hold of the left and it is pushed by Democrats in seats of power. Liberals follow these so-called leaders from politicians and professors to athletes because they assume that people in those positions would never lie to them. The fact is that all of them want a revisionist’s future. Delete history and rewrite it all to fit their personal gains. It is a plague that needs to be cured and quickly.

Colin Kaepernick is the last person anyone should be leaning on for a history lesson. He can’t even admit that oppression is something he never dealt with personally. He was adopted by rich white parents who gave him every opportunity in life to get where he was before he hit the dumb ladder during his fall from grace. What better way to thank those who saved your life and gave you the American dream than to turn against them in every way possible. What is more disturbing is that his parents are just as ignorant and support his filth which labels even them as racist rich fascists.

Way to be a human being Kaepernick.

H/T [ Independent Journal Review ]

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