CNN White House Reporter Kaitlyn Collins’ EXPOSED, After New Tweets From Her College Days Are Revealed

Yikes! The past has popped up to bite CNN WH reporter Kaitlyn Collins in the butt!

As reported by AJR Just a couple days ago the CNN reporter was mocking President Trump’s great week.

She called the president out on unproven tax fraud allegations and slammed his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling him a sexual abuser.

Collins says referring to Trump’s week as successful is “comical” and that the bar for politics has been dropped “so low.”

Apparently a man’s high school yearbook and gross jokes with fellow teenage boys should be enough evidence to call him a “sexual abuser” and ruin his life.

Just so there aren’t any double standards here, this logic must also mean that Kaitlyn Collins is a homophobe according to her old tweets from her college years.

That’s fair, right?

The Log Cabin Republicans were the first to reveal these old tweets from Collins. So it’s fair to say that she’s homophobic.

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