ICE Releases Migrants Back Into The Population And The Reasoning Is Frustrating

President Donald Trump’s administration had no choice except surrender to the terms of the “Flores Settlement.” They now have only 20 days to process “asylum seekers” before they’re required to be released from detention, so the floodgates have been opened.

  Around 400 illegal immigrant families were turned loose on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona this week. Thousands will follow. “This is the start of a dam breaking, you’ll start to see this all across the southern border soon,” ICE spokesperson Yasmeen O’Keefe warns in a statement.

“Customs enforcement officers are releasing families from detention ‘en masse’ without following their usual protocol that ensures immigrants have the means to travel to their court hearing and reunite with potential relatives,” gasps NBC News.

President Barack Obama’s administration rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants. “Prior to Sunday,” CNN whines, “the agency carried out reviews.”

To comply with liberal demands, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency decided they could speed things up and do away with a waste of taxpayer funds at the same time.

ICE previously confirmed bus routes, coordinated non-government organizations, and churches, phoned family members, and verified “that asylum seekers had the means to reach a final destination within the United States before releasing from custody.”

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