Migrant Who Entered the U.S. LEGALLY Says: ‘The Caravan Is an Invasion and an Act of War’

From Conservative Tribune:

Amapola Hansberger is the founder of LIFA, Legal Immigrants for America, and she told Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Monday the caravan headed to America is an “act of war.”

Hansberger is a legal immigrant from Nicaragua. She explained she went through the normal legal process by going to the embassy, filling out forms, submitting to a vetting process and waiting for the embassy to approve her application.

“The caravan is an invasion and an act of war which is defined as an active aggression by a country against another which constitutes an immediate threat to peace,” she said, “and, I must add, a immediate threat to national security.”

“They are a threat to our national security because today it’s not only countries that go to war. It is groups such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban — and they have declared war openly against the United States, so with the open borders policies we have had, how many of them are in America now?”

“And at what point are we going to (say) the organizers are committing an act of war?” she asked Kilmeade. “Is it at 40,000, when they bring in 40,000 strangers?”

Hansberger believes the Nicaraguan and Hondurans are “enticed by people that fund their caravan with money. They are instructed what to say, what to do.

“They are also brainwashed to believing that they belong to the United States of America and they have rights to come in and ask for benefits,” she added.

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