Obama Is Following Trump Around Like A Sad Shadow On Campaign Trail But The Empty Seats Tell A Different Story

Barack Obama is so jealous of President Trump it is ridiculous. This guy follows Trump around in an attempt to ride off his coattails it is failing miserably. At every event that Obama has had in the last few weeks, there have been more empty seats in the stadiums and the media is trying to cover it up.

Here is more from 100 Percent FedUp:

Last night, former Democrat President Barack Obama, who’s following the massively popular President Trump around on the campaign trail, like a sad shadow, appeared at a rally at the small Cox Pavillion in Las Vegas, in a show of support for Democrat candidates in Nevada. He was greeted by a tiny crowd of approximately 2,000, according to Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

Even though Obama spoke on the campus of UNLV, he still couldn’t garner enough interest to fill the small stadium.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit mocked President Trump for partitioning off the crowd, so viewers couldn’t see all of the empty seats in the small stadium:

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