WATCH: Geraldo Asks If We Are ‘Going to Shoot’ Caravan Members – Boy Does He Pay for It

Geraldo Rivera just wrote an op-ed for Fox News that was actually sympathetic to the migrant caravan!  

From Fox News Insider:

“I don’t want a confrontation on our southern border because somebody’s going to get hurt or worse,” Sean Hannity said.

 Rivera said that the debate over the caravan is not about “MS-13 [or] Middle Easterners” as President Trump has said.

“This is about the wealthiest country on Earth,” Rivera began before Hannity cut in: “You don’t know one person in that crowd.”

Rivera said it would be “easy” to find the gang members and potential terrorists in the crowd of thousands.

Hannity noted that you just can’t let everyone in. “Not this way, we have a sovereignty and border issue here.”

From Mediaite:

“What are you gonna shoot ’em Sean?!” Rivera asked. “What are you gonna do with the Army there? Bayonet them? What are you gonna do?”

“No. They need to be stopped in Mexico,” Hannity responded. “Are you going to just say come on in and never vet them?”

That was when Gorka jumped in, “This is really beneath you. Geraldo.”

“Don’t give me that beneath me stuff!” Rivera shouted, getting upset with Gorka. “Don’t give me that crap! Don’t you insult me!”

Gorka reminded Rivera he too was an immigrant. “Geraldo, I’m an immigrant, OK? This is important to me,” Gorka replied.

They then continued in a heated discussion saying you just can’t let everyone in, with Hannity arguing you don’t know everyone in the caravan and you can’t guarantee who they are.

But even more than that, you can’t just let everyone in because then the hundreds of thousands if not millions of poverty-stricken people would be at our doors tomorrow saying “Let us in.”

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