Mattis Says Enough Is Enough Regarding Caravan, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands!

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to sign an order sending at least 800 U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border as a caravan of thousands of migrants heads north from Central America.

In another possible response to the approaching caravan, news organizations including The Washington Post and Politico quoted administration sources as saying the White House is considering an executive order that would close the southern border to migrants, including asylum seekers.

The Department of Homeland Security requested the troops, NPR’s Tom Bowman reports, after President Trump said he is intent on stopping any of the migrants from entering the U.S.

The support troops will likely include engineers and military police officers. Citing officials at the Department of Defense, Bowman notes that the troops are expected to serve in support of Customs and Border Patrol and to have no law enforcement duties of their own.

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