Caravan Member Confesses Real Reason He Is Marching To The U.S. And It’s CHILLING

The thousands of folks in the migrant caravan that is wending its way north through Mexico to the United States are hoping that when they show up at the border, they can apply for asylum and they will be allowed in. That seems like it would likely be a futile hope for most who are clearly coming for economic reasons. But there’s one guy in the caravan who is definitely going to have a hard time asking for asylum.

Fox’s Griff Jenkins has been embedded with the caravan and has been making reports of their progress. He makes note of how the caravan is being aided/helped by Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a far left American based illegal immigration group that is as its name proclaims against borders.

He has interviewed many people along the way, including one man named Jose who had been in the U.S. before and was hoping to get back.

Jose is hoping to get a pardon for his crime from President Donald Trump and be given asylum.

What is Jose’s crime? Just attempted murder.

One has to believe that Jose doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance of getting back in. And that’s a good thing.

But once again, it goes back to the basic fact that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything.

And the right way to apply for asylum is back in your country of origin where you can apply at a local US Embassy. You do not have to travel thousands of miles and enter Mexico illegally in order to apply.

And if you truly are in desperate need of asylum, you can apply in Mexico.

But most of the caravan just turned down the asylum offer that Mexico made to them, that would have given them work, healthcare, a place to stay and some legal status.

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