CAIR Busted In Possible Terror Plot After Disturbing Discovery Is Made At Their Florida Mosque

CAIR is supposed to be the Islamic organization of “peaceful” Muslims that reside here in America. While they constantly scream and label you a bigot if you label them as terrorists, something disturbing has just been found at one of their mosques proving that they have been completely bull sh*ttting everyone about their true intentions for America.

The “Religion of Peace” is constantly contradicting its title by proving over and over to be just the opposite of anything even remotely “peaceful.” For one mosque which is located in Florida, gun classes are being given out for FREE or at a very little cost to the people who are most likely to harm the innocent citizens of America. As the left cries for churches to be gun-free zones, CAIR Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze has been very busy making sure that Muslim extremists have access to and training with heavy firearms.

Nezar Hamze, who has known ties to terrorist groups is using his ties with law enforcement to purposefully teach a selection of Muslims how to harm innocent people, yet no one seems to care. The Quran teaches that it is acceptable to use every weapon against those who refuse to follow Islamic rule, as well as supporting the use of lying to deceive the infidels to achieve their goal.

The Society of Sarasota and Bradenton is not only anti-American but also supports suicide bombers and their families. True supporters of the Constitution have no issue with gun ownership being on display anywhere, but when a group like CAIR, a group which has been found to support Palestinian terrorism, questions need to be asked.


Conservative Daily commented:

“The most sickening part is the Democrats keeps imploring voters to “be inclusive” and to elect people who are of differing faiths just to show how “inclusive” we all are. In this case, the voters did by electing a Muslim who is now going into mosques, teaching the use of guns to those who did not even seek the knowledge, and who is using his post as a deputy sheriff to teach those in the congregation how to legally hide from law enforcement. It is perfectly legal to own guns and to avoid law enforcement detection.”

The political correctness in America is almost reaching the point of its own suicide. Making sure that everyone is included and tolerated is doing way more harm than good. The unfortunate reality is that if you believe differently, you are automatically labeled as “against” a certain group of people. The truth of the matter is that the laws of radical Islam and the ways of the West simply cannot coexist.

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