Truth Comes Out About Tim Kaine’s Son and It’s Absolutely Horrifying

Is it any surprise that Democrats nationwide seem to be perfectly accepting of the terror group, ANTIFA?  It’s no wonder when it is evident that these Democrats are being exposed as funding this group, promoting them, and even BREEDING them. That’s right, one of the Democratic party’s poster boys for all things ignorant is the proud papa of one of ANTIFA’s finest!

The spawn of Tim Kaine was previously arrested for pepper spraying Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally in March. Linwood “Woody” Kaine must make his daddy so very proud. You know, displaying how democracy truly works and all.

Conservatives often find themselves wanting to face-palm on a daily basis when it comes to the ridiculous and hypocritical actions of the left, but to stand in a position as Kaine often does preaching for Democratic take-over while his son runs around macing Americans is outrageous.

According to Young Conservatives :

Virginia Senator and failed vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine is back in the news today. Funny enough, it’s not because of anything he did personally. It does involve the way he raised his children though.

Linwood Kaine, Tim’s youngest son, was arrested in Minnesota in March for a pretty wild reason.  He’s a member of Antifa, the domestic terror group.

Check it… From Gateway Pundit:

In March Linwood Kaine, youngest son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, was arrested at the Minnesota State Capitol in March after disrupting a pro-Trump rally. The Antifa mob was hurling punches and spraying Trump supporters with pepper spray.

Their “peaceful” ways can get a bit confusing to those of us who were taught the definition of peace and tolerance a long time ago when it literally meant the exact opposite that it seems to mean now. Communism is what I see while ANTIFA screams freedom of speech while literally preventing that very freedom to others. We say it daily, we scream it loudly, but as long as these moronic Democrats continue to support the actions of terror groups, we will not see actual freedom anytime soon.

These wanna-be social justice warriors are nothing but a bunch of entitled idiots screaming for things they don’t understand, nor do they even truly want. They are pushing an agenda for complete socialism that will, in the end, bite them in the rear, and they are too stupid to see that.

They call us Nazi’s while they demand the complete genocide of the white race.  Never mind the fact that 97% of them are white, so the narrative itself is quite mind-boggling. They whine for the right to burn and pillage to express their anger while calling us violent. They even go so far as to beg for the police to protect their right to assemble while attacking those very same officers. This is truly the epitome of a complete social shut-down.

These leftist groups and the Democrats never address serious issues that this country is facing and never will. Their one goal is to destroy the Constitution and take Trump down! That’s it, no real brain power needed to create huge groups of anti-Americans hell-bent on destroying the very thing holding everything they do together!

Saddle up toddlers because elections are just around the corner, and just like we did with Trump, conservatives will once again come out and pull a revolution at the polls. Democrats will be replaced in every state and every Senate seat available for removal. Never underestimate the silent majority. Then again, ANTIFA doesn’t vote anyway since they are so very anti-government, right? Well, at least when it doesn’t involve the left side of the government paying for them to act like idiots.

Good luck with all that hell-raising because soon it will all be over, and we will be able to lock you all back in your mom’s basements and carry on with Making America Great Again!!



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