WATCH: Armed Citizen Steps In After Man Brutally Murders His Ex-Girlfriend In Public

This is horrific.

Some psycho dude named David Lee Morris, 29, murdered his girlfriend, Gabrielle Maria Garcia, 28, in the middle of public. He was armed with a knife and killed her in the middle of a food court in Seattle.

Someone that psycho would most DEFINITELY hurt someone else, but an armed citizen stepped in and prevented that from happening.

‘Jesus Christ put his life on the line for you man, it ain’t worth it,’ the man can be heard screaming at Morris.

Brown then tells Morris to get on the ground and put down the knife, but he refuses.

Instead he continues to walk toward Brown, his arms wide open and the knife still in his hand.

The pair walk backwards together for minutes but Brown never lowers his gun.

‘I just kept trying to get him to put down the knife,’ Brown later told KCPQ. ‘We just kept walking backwards and backwards and backwards.’

‘I was looking around for police, security. The point was to hold his focus, there were people around everywhere.’

Brown said that Morris ‘kept trying to convince me to shoot him’, even telling him to ‘make the shot count’ and confessing he had just ‘killed the only person I ever loved’.

The police eventually showed up and arrested him.

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