‘Moderate’ Muslim Publicly Butchers White Girls, Then Smugly Tells Cops Word Why He Did It

Europe once was a fantastic place to visit for vacations. From medieval castles to historical relics people traveled across the continent learning about the different cultures and trying new cuisines. Unfortunately, that is changing at a rapid pace thanks to leftist governments that are determined to spread “multiculturalism” across their lands. These “leaders” seem to have forgotten that it is their duty to protect their citizens, not put them in danger.

Germany, in particular, has been flooded with Muslim refugees that have spread hate and violence across the land. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that there isn’t an attack or some form of violence all in the name of “Allah”. Merkel doesn’t seem to care because she continues to allow open border policies that are turning Germany into the “New Middle East”. Two German women just learned the hard way that Muslims are bent on the destruction of their culture and way of life while on holiday and what the attacker said to them during the attack is a chilling reminder that they are out for blood all in the name of their false god.

According To Angry Patriot Movement:

Two German women were murdered in cold blood by a 29-year-old named Abdel-Rahman Shaaban. After speaking to them in fluent German, he pulled out a butcher knife and brutally stabbed both women to death. After police had caught up with him, he told them that he was after Kuffar, or as we know them, infidels.

The two women were enjoying their time at the Red Sea, an Egyptian resort when Shaaban started talking to them. When he snapped and stabbed the two women to death, he fled, making it to a hotel next door where he stabbed four more people, who all happened to be tourists.

When first confronted he was quoted as saying, “Stay back, I am not after Egyptians.” He then clarified that he was only after infidels and other Muslims were safe from his wrath.

No terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this hideous crime. However, it seems to line-up with a call to arms made by the Islamic State group to take out Egyptian Christians and any foreign tourists.

It is positively disgusting that people cannot go on vacation anymore without worrying about being attacked for being different. The Left is clueless when they say that “Islam is a religion of peace!”

It is not a religion of peace. These savages are after the blood of people who don’t think like them, which oddly enough, also sounds like a description of the Democrat Party in the U.S. The Left has not resorted to stabbing people in the throat — yet, so we won’t count it out.

The German Foreign Minister did the right thing and skipped the politically correct response and went right to the truth. His statement said, “According to everything that we know, this act was aimed at foreign tourists — a particularly perfidious and criminal act that leaves us sad, dismayed, and angry.”

Bravo, because that is the message the world needs to hear. We need to stop CODDLING these MONSTERS, monsters who want to destroy us. Shaaban was a college educated man and self-described MODERATE Muslim. As you can see, these terrorists will strike regardless of their schooling, home life, and how “moderate” they are — or are not, in this case.

We need to quit acting like this isn’t a problem when it is a big issue around the world. England had four plus attacks LAST MONTH ALONE, and now Egpyt. This isn’t even counting the OTHER places where people have had to face the wrath of these brutal Islamofascists. It is getting to the point where it is going to be “them or us,” and the Patriots of THIS country will never let them take our freedom and safety.

The world is at the breaking point. There must besides chosen and we can’t ignore the issue anymore. How much longer will we allow our families and friends to be hurt? It’s as if the world is just bending over for Muslims and they are taking full advantage of this attitude. Muslims know they have to gain as much ground as possible because it is only a matter of time until all out war takes place. This is plain and simple a fight against good and evil and the outcome will determine the direction the world takes. It’s time to wake up and fight back.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

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