Fmr FBI Agent Releases New Info About B.I.G.’s Murder that Could Lead to Charges Filed

LOS ANGELES cops could face a $500million lawsuit after a former FBI agent claimed he has evidence that two “dirty” officers orchestrated the murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G. then the department covered it up.

The explosive claims may open the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to a crippling lawsuit from the hip hop legend’s family, their attorney and an author of a book on the case told Sun Online.

Former head of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, Philip Carson, claims he had enough evidence 15 years ago to file charges against two crooked LAPD officers over the killing of Biggie Smalls, whose real name is Christopher Wallace.

But his bosses at the time shut down his investigation due to pressure from the LAPD, Carson says.

Carson told one of the movie’s producers Don Sikorski that his documents could rock the foundations of LA’s law enforcement, in a tape shared with Sun Online.

“It’s bulls**t and here’s what gets under my skin more than anything,” Carson says in the recording.

“LAPD, all the way to the very very f***ing top, knew exactly what was going on.

“It’s hard for me to even explain how amazing it is what they did.”

Carson believes that Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records who signed rappers including Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac, employed the LAPD cops and ordered them to arrange Wallace’s murder.

At the time, Carson’s line manager signed off on his report, but the case was rebuffed by the United States Attorney’s office, allegedly after pressure from the LAPD.

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