Crazed Democrat Files Impeachment Against Trump For HYSTERICAL Reason

The Democratic inanity is at an all time high on the backend of the most recent tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting with little to no time for the country to mourn the loss of 58 lives. Congressional Black Caucus member Al Green took to the House Floor to present his afore threatened articles of impeachment of President Trump and his main cause for the action is that he feels as if Trump is “race-baiting.”

The media twisted speech of our President concerning the Charlottesville rally is cited as one of the supposed incidents of the race baiting that Green accuses Trump of, and of course Green had to try and use the Presidents stand against the NFL as well. Anyone with half a brain knows that Trump has never once race baited anyone and his words do not fuel any supposed ‘alt-right hate-machine.’

President Trump is simply speaking truth on issues that are an actual concern to most in this country. This impeachment is as bogus as the man who introduced it.

According to Down Trend :

Well so much for letting the country go through a period of healing in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre. A Democratic member of Congress has followed through on his promise to file impeachment charges against President Donald Trump although it’s hard to see how the accusation would qualify as a high crime and misdemeanor.

Congressional Black Caucus whack-job and anti-white bigot Al Green has just introduced his articles of impeachment on the House floor on Wednesday afternoon.

The charge: RACE BAITING!

The Hill is reporting “House Democrat unveils articles of impeachment against Trump”:

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) on Wednesday unveiled articles of impeachment against President Trump, arguing that he has demonstrated a lack of fitness for the office by engaging in “race baiting.”

Green’s articles of impeachment state that Trump “is fueling an alt-right hate machine” that’s “causing immediate injury to American society.”

Green, reading aloud his articles on the House floor, stressed that it should not take convicting Trump of a crime to impeach him.

As examples of how Trump has “undermined the integrity of his office” and “brought disrepute on the presidency,” the Texas Democrat cited a number of Trump’s actions: The president’s equivocating response to the violence from a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Va.; attacks on NFL players kneeling, rather than standing, during the national anthem to protest police brutality; and accusing former President Obama of ordering a wiretap of Trump Tower.

As has been the case ever since Trump’s election, the REAL race-baiting has been undertaken by those members of the CBC who just can’t get over the idea that the Constitution prohibited Barack Obama from running for more than two terms.

They couldn’t manage to conjure up even a hair of “evidence” on collusion with Russia so it’s back to the race card for Democrats and deranged, divisive loudmouths like Green who should be censured for this incredible act of sedition as well as for his contribution to the worsening state of race relations in America that the left has set back over fifty years.

The left truly needs wake up. Democrats are using all of their ill begotten and ignorant means to continuously keep Congress wrapped up to afford them time to continue to tear part this country. They can not impeach Trump for anything less than a crime, and our President hasn’t committed any crime whatsoever.

The only thing that will be accomplished by this specific action is the pushing of a wider division among citizens of America. Democratic leaders need to be taken to task and set straight on what our country actually needs. President Trump was absolutely correct in his assessment of Charlottesville when he stated that it was a rally filled with bad people from both sides making it impossible for the good people that were there to protest peacefully as was intended. Obama did in fact wire tap Trump tower and that has been proven numerous times. Enough with the smoke screen antics from the leftist leaders that have nothing but harmful agendas for America.

2018 is approaching quickly and every single one of these hateful and divisive Democrat need to be voted out of office.

H/T [ Down Trend ]

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