Hypocrisy: Host of ‘The View’ Publicly Admits They Could Care Less If Obama Tear Gassed Kids

(Conservative Tribune)—When U.S. Border Patrol agents utilized tear gas canisters and pepper spray balls to turn back a hundreds-strong mob of illegal immigrants from the Central American migrant caravan who attempted to rush the border on Sunday, liberals in the media lost their minds.

The defensive measures by the agents against migrants throwing rocks and bottles at them — while using women and children as human shields — were deemed to be an intolerable “atrocity” on par with “war crimes,” actions that were wholly unprecedented for the United States and more typical of a tyrannical authoritarian dictatorship, or some other such nonsensical fear-mongering pablum Trump-hating liberals like to put forward.

However, it didn’t take long before actual journalists revealed that what had happened wasn’t at all unprecedented or the acts of a tyrannical dictator, but rather was nothing more than standard operating procedure and something that had occurred dozens of times at a rate of at least once per month during former President Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

Those “stubborn facts” became part of the discussion during a segment Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” and it would be an understatement to say that the liberal co-hosts of that program were none too pleased to have their racially charged, “Trump-hates-brown-people” narrative disrupted by an intrusion of the reality that Obama had done the same exact things.

The segment began with a skeptical co-host Whoopi Goldberg referencing a National Review article that criticized the lack of media coverage of Obama’s use of tear gas at the border to repel illegal immigrants.

An equally skeptical co-host Joy Behar asked, “Is there evidence of that?” She then referenced the viral photo of a woman and two children caught in the middle of the chaotic situation on Sunday, and asked, “Do they have a photo like that from when Obama was in office?”

Conservative-leaning co-host Meghan McCain replied, “Homeland Security data does validate that, that it happened multiple times — more than once a month, in fact — during the Obama years.”

She added, “Facts are stubborn things, guys.”

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