Veteran Whose ‘Trump 2020’ Flag Was Burned By Vandal Receives AMAZING Surprise

Earlier this week, “Fox & Friends” reported on a Vermont veteran who says that a vandal removed his “Trump 2020” flag from its flagpole, burned it and left it on his front porch.

Gus Klein, who served two deployments in Afghanistan, said he isn’t sure if the flag was burned while laying on his porch, but that the alleged vandalism was “not right.”

“There is fear in my mind,” he said. “We should be able to sleep at night in our own property, so there is fear.”

Despite that, Klein said that the incident won’t stop him from campaigning for President Trump.

Luckily for Klein, he’s getting a replacement flag, courtesy of the president’s son.

Eric Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to thank Klein for his service and inform him that a brand-new Trump 2020 is coming his way.

Trump followed up later in the day, saying Klein’s replacement flag is in the mail.

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