Dan Rather Shows His True Colors With Disgusting Cheap Shot At Bush Funeral Speakers

Dan Rather showed his true colors after George H.W. Bush’s death by taking another cheap shot at him.

Rather tweeted.

“Watching today’s eulogies I thought about our national reckoning. We can’t rely on the consciences of those who have shown none or humility from those who refuse introspection. Forces of change must swell in the population at large to shake our republic into a more just future.”

From Conservative Tribune:

Rather zeroed in on the funeral speakers in order to exact his revenge. Revenge for something of his own doing, too. …

While he certainly had an audience lapping up his vitriol, he did not get away with it, entirely. The National Review’s Senior Editor Jonah Goldberg called him out on it. …


Rather had reported that President George W. Bush “went AWOL during his time in the Texas Air National Guard.” The Bush administration fought back, claiming that documents used “as the basis” for the story “were inauthentic.”

An independent investigation deemed Rather’s reporting to have ignored “fundamental journalistic principles.” Later Rather sued CBS for $70 million, but “the claim was eventually dismissed.” …

So years ago, in an attempt to smear President George W. Bush, Rather ended up disgraced and removed from the anchor desk. All these years later, He then attacked George W. Bush and others who spoke at 41’s funeral, in a petty act of what appears to be revenge.

In his tweet, he wrote, “We can’t rely on the consciences of those who have shown none or humility from those who refuse introspection.” And yet, where is his conscience or humility? He appears to have “refused introspection” following the consequences of his own disgrace.

In fact, he appears to have doubled down on it. He appears to continue to push a false narrative about bias in media and his own bias.

And his choices and behavior continue to disgrace him to this day. The choice to take swipes at speakers at a funeral, including the family of the deceased, in order to justify himself is nothing less than disgraceful behavior.

What a sick human being without a shred of decency in his body.

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