Dems Distraught After Mueller Filings Prove Nothing On Collusion

The Robert Mueller bombshell was more like a dud.

The Daily Wire reported.

President Trump’s opponents, who eagerly awaited the memos as #MuellerFriday trended on Twitter for hours ahead of the filings, are likely to be disappointed with their findings. The Southern District linked Trump to Cohen’s payments to women who claimed to have had an affair with the President, concluding, “Cohen himself has now admitted, with respect to both payments, he acted in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1 [Donald Trump].”

However, even this implied violation of campaign finance law rings hollow after prosecutors failed to convict ex-Senator John Edwards on a far clearer cut version of this charge in 2012.

The special counsel’s sentencing memo for Michael Cohen proved even more disappointing for the collusion crowd.

As we wrote prior.

The Southern District of New York recommended a substantial prison term for Cohen.

Federal prosecutors filed sentencing recommendations for President Donald Trump’s former attorney and it was brutal.

Southern District of New York prosecutors recommended a “substantial term of imprisonment” for Cohen.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller then filed his sentencing recommendation, which called for more leniency, CNN reported.

What is worse for him is that he burned his bridge to a pardon from President Trump when he went against him.

“Federal prosecutors Friday requested that the court impose “a substantial term of imprisonment” for Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen,” CNN wrote.


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