George Conway Trashes Trump’s Latest Tweet: ‘It Looks Like a Pretty Good Case’

President Donald Trump critic George Conway (husband of top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway) landed another one of his shots on Trump on Monday morning after the president’s routine early morning tweet calling out Democrats.

The president must have been up early binging Fox News because he started the morning off by quoting the network that strokes his ego. Citing the recently released Comey testimony, Trump declared that there was “no collusion” in the campaign and said that the Democrats were trying to unfairly amplify the hush payment that he made to one of his alleged mistresses.

Conway, who is also a lawyer, noted that the campaign finance violations were found by a Department of Justice in Republican hands. He quipped “looks like a pretty good case.”

Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen has begun cooperating with the feds and become critical of the president. Cohen was the middleman for paying off Daniels and other women who alleged affairs with then-candidate Trump.

The plot around Cohen and Trump thickened last week when the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York filed a brief noting that Cohen was behind the payments and that at the time he had a campaign email address.

Conway, of course, has slammed Trump on more than one occasion. Just last week, he suggested that a tweet sent by the president equated to witness tampering. Then there was the time that he said on a podcast that the Trump presidency resembles a “s**tshow in a dumpster fire.”

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