HUGE Democrat Mega-Donor Calls for Anti-GOP Violence For Unbelievable Reason

Prominent GOP mega-donor Tom Steyer announced during a speech in Poland that it’s time for violence against those who support the GOP because wait for it, climate change.

The Washington Free Beacon reports on Steyer’s call for violence:

Billionaire Democratic funder and 2020 presidential hopeful Tom Steyer announced over the weekend that when it comes to fighting climate change, “the time for politeness is over.”

Speaking to an Ivy League audience at the new U.S. Climate Action Center in Poland, Steyer argued that winning the climate change debate would require a sea change in rules and tactics.

First, he said the issue was important enough to preclude any mercy.

Steyer said Democrats would need to “kick their ass” and “crush these people,” presumably in reference to Republicans and those resistant to the Democratic Party’s approach to climate change policy.

Steyer was in Poland for the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24).

Thousands of participants, some of them scientists, have converged on Katowice, in the south of Poland, for the 13 day event.

Steyer said the message would need to be one of “justice,” not any one particular issue.

Steyer pointed to California’s success advancing a progressive agenda because “we lead with justice, not with climate.”

Though justice would be at the center of the agenda, moderation was absent.

Steyer rejected the idea that climate activists could work with those who disagreed.

“I think the whole idea that they’re going to compromise, they’re going to come to their senses … they all went to college, they all can read,” he said.

“Many of them went to Yale. Really. They’re looking at their interest. They’re not fooled. They’re doing something that they believe is really good for them, and to hell with everybody else.”

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