Bombshell, Indictment Are Coming For The Clintons

It appears that the chickens are coming home to roost for the Clinton’s and they won’t be able to wiggle out of this anytime soon. According to Sean Hannity, he stated to his guests that he had word from a reliable source that indictments were about to be issued.

Here is the exchange from Fox News:

“It will be fascinating. Let me go to Gregg Jarrett. I know all of us know William Campbell. That’s going to be a big issue only because that, too, is connected to the Clinton Foundation and the $145 million back to the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

“We knew that Putin operatives were in this country involved in money, extortion, and kickbacks,” Hannity said.

“Between that and the dossier that Comey admits he never verified. All of these Clinton issues are now definitely going to be in the forefront. My sources tell me, and a major way, in spite of all the double standards that exist until this point?” he said.

Jarret agreed.

“Yes because it’s a crime to confer against a foreign government or anyone in exchange for money,” he said.

“One has always wondered why the Clinton Foundation wasn’t seriously investigated, not to mention Hillary and Bill Clinton,” he added.

“At the same time they were investigating the Russians over this extortion, bribery, and money laundering, et cetera, it turns out there were four people in charge of that investigation. Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew Weissmann and Rod Rosenstein,” he said.

“I write about all of this in the book, in my book the Russia hoax. And you know, it’s obvious in addition to those individuals that Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice opened a sham investigation that quietly vanished. Why? Longtime friends of Hill and Bill,” he said.

Hannity then addressed Carter who had spent time with Campbell.

“We had a spy. Let’s talk about Russia. In Putin’s network, we don’t have enough uranium. They ended up getting this approved by Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and then the money flowed back to the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

“How could anybody seriously talk about Russian influence and not deal with Uranium One deal and not deal with the fake phony dossier that she paid for,” he said.

“William Campbell, I was talking to him just as recently as this week. He had all this information and was delivering it in very specific — to the FBI handlers, he specifically told them about pay for play. How the Russians were planning on to influence Hillary Clinton in the foundation that they hoped for. During that time, 2009 and 2013, this is an area where the FBI was investigating,” she said.

“The investigation was never shut down. William Campbell spoke to them and we know there are other whistle-blowers coming forward. So something is shifting, something is happening and Hillary Clinton and the foundation are being investigated. We will just have to wait and see what they find,” Carter said.

And that is when Hannity dropped the bombshell.

“I know that everybody’s frustrated because this has only been a one-sided investigation, on all things Trump,” he said.

“But, and I think you will all confirm with me is that my sources tell me that all of this is coming out, from the dossier, the FISA abuse to the Uranium One deal. All agree?… I have very good sources. You guys do too,” he said.

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