Fox Fans Demand Shep Smith Be Fired After He Attacks Them And Then Goes One Step Further

Fox News viewers are calling for Shepard Smith to be fired after he tore into them and defended Hillary Clinton on Friday.

“I’ve been reading from some of you, ‘Flynn didn’t lie, stop it, stop it’,” Smith said, imitating an angry viewer.

“Find something defensible. That’s not it,” he said.

“The president said he lied. The vice president said he lied. Robert Mueller said he lied. The incoming press secretary said he lied. FBI said he lied. He lied. Now we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Not the smartest move to attack people who watch your show but heck, Shep isn’t that smart and he proved it by taking his anger one step further.

When Smith spoke to Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge in a later segment when speaking about the way Hillary Clinton has been treated with “kid gloves”.

“Seriously?” Smith said.

“Yeah, that’s what [critics] point to,” Herridge responded.

“Well, let them point,” Smith said. “I mean Hillary Clinton, seriously?”

“The point with –” Herridge started to say before Smith interrupted her.

“The point with that was that investigation is over, and we’re onto a new one,” Smith said.

“So the U.S. places sanctions on Russia, Michael Flynn calls Russia. Michael Flynn lies about calling Russia and tells others to lie for him about calling Russia. That is more Russia lies,” he said.


Smith is one of the rare liberals at Fox News and fans are annoyed with him.

The only way this man will be fired is when EVERYONE stops watching his show and his rating tank.


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