Whiny Liberals Rise Up, Demand That Conservatives Stop Using This 1 Word To Describe

The past 8 years has been a non-stop barrage of people on the left crying and whining. In all actuality, it has felt like we have been on a preschool playground. For years, we have heard about other people’s feelings and that words hurt others. I mean seriously, it has been an afterschool special every day since Obama took office.

Young adults have clamored for safe spaces, political correctness has gone into hyperdrive, and words are now microaggressions. Well, hold onto your non-gender specific hat my friends because liberals are butt-hurt again, and this one will make you laugh out loud.

It seems that liberal snowflakes have been melting over being called snowflakes. Yes, these special moonbeams are hurt, and can’t seem to move past their hurt feelings”. Instead of pushing through the pain they have decided to publically document how hurt they are over this word.

According to Pop Sugar:

They may look delicate, but they are incredibly strong. They’re made of ice: cold, hard, potentially dangerous ice. And not to be a meteorologist about it, but hello? Hasn’t anyone seen what a huge amount of snowflakes are actually capable of? Just look at the recent Women’s Marches that took over the US and cities around the world: a mass of so-called “snowflakes,” when joined together and working toward a common goal, creates blizzards.

They shut down streets, close businesses, cause power outages, and render weaker structures completely helpless. So it would be wise to think twice about who you call a snowflake, no matter how clever you think you’re being — because the unpredictable conditions they bring can really f*ck up your day, your week, or your next four years.

Yes, there you have it, folks. These little rockstars are hurt and now are trying to convince themselves of their significance in a world that does not care about them. All I have to say to these snowflakes is that no one cares about your feelings or your safe spaces. If you need these to survive then maybe you need some therapy and hug from your mother, but stop forcing others to coddle you.

The only thing they have accomplished is that have shown the world how incredibly weak and selfish the truly are. Truth be told, now that I know it bothers them I will only use it more, and if they don’t like I am sure there is a safe space they can construct to feel better again.

H/T [ Pop Sugar ]

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