92 Muslims Living In America Just Got The Shock Of Their Lives After Trump BLINDSIDES Them Overnight

When it comes to making America safe again, President Trump isn’t playing around.

Ninety men and 2 women were deported to Kenya’s capital Nairobi on Wednesday from the United States after spending time in detention centers and prisons as Trump begins to reform the American immigration system.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the deported included 90 Somali citizens and two Kenyan women, while adding he did not know why they had been deported. A security officer at the airport said the Somalis were then flown to Mogadishu, the Somali capital, while the Kenyans were released.

While the left is up in arms over the incident, Somalia’s ambassador to the United States, Ahmed Isse Awad, confirmed that the immigrants had requested the deportation from detention centers and prisons in the country.

“Most of them are people whose asylum cases [were] denied through [the] legal immigration process, and others broke the U.S. law and had received final orders for removal from courts in the United States,” he said.

The flight carrying the 86 men and four women landed at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde Airport after stopping in Nairobi to drop off two Kenyan deportees. It was not clear from where the flight originated or who had chartered the plane.

Mohamed Isma’il, a member of the staff at the airport, said a number of the deportees appeared gloomy and haggard.

“Some of them were happy and smiling, but most of them were very sad,” he said. “A few of them had bags with their belongings.”

According to the US Herald, America may have dodged a time bomb by deporting these illegal immigrants citing the growing number of crimes being committed by non-Americans.

It is safe to say Trump’s nascent presidency is having a chilling effect on illegal immigration and on would-be jihadi terrorists wanting to do harm to America.

Regardless, if they’re here illegally, it doesn’t matter what their motives are. The only effective response is to deport them.

We can only speculate as to the types of crimes these 92 dearly deported persons of interest were planning or might have committed if they’d been allowed to stay in the country under a Hillary Clinton regime.

The Western mind shudders at the magnitude of the immigration treason committed by Barack Obama and his 2012 executive order shielding from deportation nearly 800,000 people allowed to enter the country as children. Today, nearly 11 million of the 47.4 million foreign-born people living in the U.S. are illegals, according to a study by the Center for Immigration Studies.

That’s probably a conservative number, and many of these economic gravy trainers and anchor children have gone on to commit felony crimes against American citizens. Ailments, like tuberculosis, that were once thought to have been purged from the American pantheon of infectious diseases have since returned.

− via US Herald

One thing is for certain, Trump is not wasting any time completing his promised goals as president. It’s a refreshing sight to see a president actually keeping their campaign promises, but to see results in so many areas across the board within the first week is astounding.

H/T [US Herald]

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