Assange Reveals CIA Hacked Into Congress For MASSIVE Obama Administration Coverup

There is nothing worse than finding out you have been betrayed by someone you trust. Whether that be a spouse, family member or close friend the sting of betrayal can last for years. Now, what if that betrayal was from the very group of people that you elected to serve and protect you. That betrayal definitely would cause an uneasiness impossible to ignore.

Over this past election, Jullian Assange released documents that depicted the lengths of deceit the DNC went through to lie to the American people. After Hillary Clinton lost the election, the media needed to find a scapegoat to understand how this could have happened. That is when they turned to the Russian hacking story, and of course, the liberal sheep sucked it up like Starbucks coffee.

To back up the claim that the Russians were indeed responsible for Hillary’s epic loss intelligence agencies confirmed the hacking narrative. These agencies then prepared a report to show the American people how this was done, and the snowflakes bought it. However, this report didn’t have any proof that this even happened. It’s hard to believe someone when they don’t have proof.

To show that these agencies cannot be trusted Jullian Assange has released an older article that shows the Central Intelligence Agency hacked into the Senate group charged with overseeing them.

According to the Conservative Daily Post,  back in 2014, the CIA was responsible for hacking a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The network was being used to prepare a report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program. In other words, they were doing what they could to make sure that the Committee didn’t find anything too harmful.

So, we have an agency that has a history of hacking and lying to the American people, and we are to believe what they say? I don’t think so. To add insult to injury this happened under the watch of Barack Obama a man who campaigned on making his administration the most transparent in history. This right here alone is enough for any red-blooded American to question the intentions of the former commander in chief considering that Obama was pushing for war with Russia just a few short weeks ago.

I am not naive to believe that everything the government says is truthful, and that is why I question as much as I do. It is of no consequence to me if the person is a republican or democrat integrity and truth are the only things that matter. If these agencies can lie this easily to the American people about this to help cover Obama’s crimes, what else are the lying about?

I can only hope that President Trump will be able to successfully drain the swamp and bring back trust in our government again.

H/T [ The New York Times ]

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