Ocasio-Cortez Gets Raked Over The Coals After Admitting Her ‘Mind is Blown’

New Democratic party “it” girl and Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mind is now officially blown.

Here’s the hilarious reason why:

“This blows my mind: House Ethics Rules prevent me from receiving a $100 gift card, or crashing at a place as I wait for rent 💰, but somehow allow members w/ investment portfolios to write laws that will personally enrich them $1000s in their own stocks; potentially millions.”

“This is the downside of the political stunt of voting against member allowance or pay increases.

Politicians can get on a high horse about declining their own pay increase, and then write nefarious loopholes to allow use of leg power to make money in potentially unethical ways.”

Apparently she’s upset because House rules prohibit her from being showered in gifts while others write rules that enrich themselves.

Well, welcome to politics and the Democratic party.

This is how politicians roll, especially socialist politicians.

They make restrictive rules for us, while carving out cushy exemptions and access to lots of nice goodies for themselves.

The response on Twitter to her “blown mind” was swift:

And finally, what we’ve all been wondering:


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