Supporters Of Trump Stab In Back And Even Go As Far As Predict He Will Resign Soon

President Donald Trump has come under intense fire on Wednesday by those that are normal on his side.

It began with Lindsey Graham attacking Trump for withdrawing troops from Syria.

“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” he wrote.

Graham who typically is an ally of Trump publically disagreed.

“Withdrawal of this small American force in Syria would be a huge Obama-like mistake,” he said.

“With all due respect, ISIS is not defeated in Syria, Iraq, and after just returning from visiting there — certainly not Afghanistan,” he wrote.

“President @realDonaldTrump is right to want to contain Iranian expansion.

“However, withdrawal of our forces in Syria mightily undercuts that effort and put our allies, the Kurds at risk,” the senator said.

“A decision to withdraw will also be viewed as a boost to ISIS desire to come back,” Sen. Graham wrote.

Then Senator Marco Rubio also downed the move saying this on Twitter.

“The decision to pull out of Syria was made despite overwhelming military advice against it.

“It is a major blunder. It it isn’t reversed it will haunt this administration & America for years to come,” he wrote.

And then conservative pundit Ann Coulter predicted that President Trump would resign due to not building the wall.

“Either Trump never intended to build a wall and was scamming voters from the beginning or he hasn’t the first idea in how to get it done and no interest in finding out…My prediction is his support will evaporate and Trump will very likely not finish his term and definitely not be elected to a second term,” she told The Daily Caller.

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