His Wife Refused To Have Sex With Him, So He Took It Out On Their Newborn Baby

Maycon Salustiano Silva wanted one thing in the world more than anything else. And while he had had it before, he wanted more of it, when he wanted it. The thing he desired so much that he would be willing to kill for it was to have sex with his wife. So when she refused to have intercourse with him, only a few weeks after the birth of their newborn baby, he did the unthinkable when he turned his violent rage on the tiny, baby.

In the middle of the night on Wednesday, Maycon took a gun and turned it onto his baby boy named Michael. Because Maycon’s twenty-year-old wife, Jeniffer, did not want to have sex with him at the time, Maycon wanted her to regret rejecting him, so he shot the tiny baby, who was pronounced dead two hours later at the hospital.

Now Maycon, who lived in Luziania, Brazil, has been charged with murdering his child. And he won’t be getting anything from his wife anytime soon.

Maycon used his 22 gauge pistol to end the life of his infant son. He kept the firearm on hand for just such an occasion, as it was in easy reach tucked in the family’s sofa in their living room. The gun was never far from the deadly ammunition Maycon loved to keep on hand.

He later excused his murderous behavior as a side effect of drinking too much alcohol and smoking marijuana. But everyone knows that those were not responsible for what he did. He was the one who pulled the trigger and killed the harmless and innocent child.

Nevertheless, Maycon kept trying to wriggle his way out of trouble, claiming he “didn’t remember what happened” and how that meant it wasn’t really his fault.

Detective Daniel Martins Ferreira is not convinced. Maycon shot the infant point-black “in a moment of rage.”

Detective Ferriera hopes to use every bit of the law to put Maycon away for life.

“We believe the suspect, in a moment of rage when he didn’t get what he wanted, shot the child at point blank range by resting the gun on the baby’s chest as he lay in the cot in his parent’s bedroom,” the detective told local media. “The mother reported that her husband woke her up and wanted to have sex with her. She said she was tired and ‘did not want to.’ He apparently became irritated and physically assaulted her in the argument that followed.”

During their fight, Maycon said he was going to grab some water. But when he returned, he was wielding the firearm wildly, pointing it at his wife and demanding that she sleep with him or he’d kill her.

“At first he allegedly threatened to kill Jeniffer. She begged her husband to stay calm, but he only became angrier,” Ferreira said. “She claims he turned the gun on their son and pointed the gun at his chest while demanding if she believed he had the courage to shoot their child. Then he allegedly shot the baby.”


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