Mattel Designers To Meet With AZ Couple To Discuss A Same-Sex Marriage Barbie Set

An Arizona couple hopes a meeting with Mattel can convince the toy giant to consider adding same-sex couples to their wedding sets, KABC reported.

Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio will be getting married in May after having been together for 11 years, KPNX reported. They moved to Scottsdale three years ago from Los Angeles and will become the first same-sex couple to be married at The Scottsdale Resort, the television station reported.

While shopping with Jacobi’s niece, the men wanted to get the 8-year-old something wedding-related since she will be a flower girl at their ceremony, KPNX reported.

“We went online and we also went through Target and Walmart and were just searching and we found this awesome wedding set from Mattel and it was almost perfect,” Jacobi told the television station.

Almost, because all they could find was Barbie and Ken. So the couple bought the set and an extra Ken doll.

“So we bought another Ken, who was in a tux, and took out Barbie and added another Ken in, tied it together and gave Natalie the gift and her reaction was priceless,” Jacobi told KPNX.

Mattel contacted them days later and will meet with the couple this week, KABC reported.

“For them to reach out and take to social media shows the power of your voice on social media,” Caprio told the television station. “It was great to be able to contact them and we’re really excited to see where this goes and work with them.

“It’s going to come up in your family, no matter what. As more same-sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in the class that have gay parents and things like that, too, so it’s not this huge shock anymore.”

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