Walmart Makes NASTY New Rule That Is Beginning To Turn Americans Stomachs

Customers across the country race into Walmart stores daily for any manner of things, and they mostly feel they are supporting an all-American business. The nation’s largest retailer has profited in the billions from this slightly skewed belief, but the company really stuck their foot in it this time that has the wrong customer base screaming.

In a warehouse-sized store filled with everything you could possibly need at what is usually a cheaper price than most anywhere else, a tiny sign appeared at an entrance that sparked nationwide outrage. Most Walmart stores have sub-stores in them providing things from banking to hair salons and millions of people frequent these sub-stores just as much as the main store on a daily basis, but recently in Taylor, Michigan, men were banned from the salon.

Wal-Mart is apparently now allowing discrimination against all Americans who aren’t Muslims. Can we say safe-space, anyone? All of this is due to no more than ONE Muslim woman who was a customer of the Smart Style salon and the employee who took it upon herself to ban all men from entering.

Like Minnesota, Michigan has become another Muslim “Mecca” of the United States where towns like Dearborn are completely overrun by Islam and operate under their own rules. This mentality has been slowly seeping across the country like a plague of utter ridiculousness. Many of these Muslims are the same ones screaming for equality yet refusing to provide the same.

The men of Taylor were hoping to get a quick and cheap haircut, but due to one Muslim woman putting everyone out and taking over the entire salon with what she feels is her religious right, not only is there no haircutting happening, but now Walmart is facing another boycott.

Although management of the Walmart in Taylor did the right thing by firing the employee who posted the sign without permission, some feel it was more reactionary than proactive.Here is more from Teddy Stick:

As the demand for acceptance of Muslim culture spreads, we are seeing more and more instances of people creating situations that should never be acceptable. A Taylor, Michigan hair salon employee did exactly that. In order to let a Muslim woman feel “comfortable” while getting her hair done, the employee put up a sign saying “no men please.”

The incident happened at a SmartStyle Family Hair Salon inside a Wal-Mart. The employee, who has not been identified, was fired after the picture of the sign went viral. Naturally, management claims the employee did not have permission to post the sign and that she was scheduled to leave the job before the whole thing took place.

The sign was posted on July 10 but the management claims they did not know about it until 15 days later when the photos were posted online. Store manager Erika Van Etten says the anonymous man called, claimed the sign was posted that day and gave a false name and phone number.

It isn’t often that we see any employee of any business just prance around and dictate their own rules without permission, and it should be blatantly obvious that most employers won’t allow it to happen. This woman didn’t seem to care much what anyone thought of it.

Immediately catering to Islam at the cost of turning away countless customers, this employee decided to isolate an entire section of society so one person could get her hair cut.

The fact that this was solely based on the customer’s religious beliefs should be the reason for the ACLU to get involved, but it’s the only religion they seem to protect, so it’s silent on that front. However, had this employee done the right thing and denied this unreasonable request, we would have all heard from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) about it by now.

“We are not allowed to close the salon under any circumstances for anyone. If someone has a head scarf we are to let them know that we cannot close the salon and if a man comes in we cannot stop them,” the store manager said, according to the News-Herald.

“I was not here for this incident and this was the result of a former employee taking it upon herself to do her own thing,” an Etten explained. “I reiterate that this is a former employee that has been taken care of. As far as what happened. I apologize for anyone who got offended by this sign however again I was not here for the incident.”

The corporate office chimed in with their own politically correct statement:

“SmartStyle welcomes all guests, and we apologize to anyone who was offended by the piece of paper taped to the salon window,” they said. “The message was inappropriate and it does not reflect our standards or beliefs; our goal is to offer a quality experience to all guests. Again, our apologies to anyone who was offended.”

It is only a matter of time before the liberals show in force to push their fake outrage on us over this woman being fired for what she did, but you won’t hear one word about how her actions literally discriminated against the rest of the nation.

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