VIDEO: SJWs Now Target Chris Rock For Something He Said OVER Six Years AGO

The social justice warriors of Twitter have found a new target.

Go ahead and sit in the corner Kevin Hart, the offended left has decided to rip apart Chris Rock over something that happened six years ago.

Yup, that is how unhinged these people are.

Ok, here is the deal.

Rock appeared on a special for HBO with Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais and Louis CK titled “Talking Funny” in which Rock used the N-word, CK used the N-word and Gervais used the N-word.

Seinfeld appeared visibly uncomfortable and did not use the word which only fomented the angry Twitter folk.

Now, this livid Twitter mob is angry at Rock for allowing it to happen.

Here’s the whole thing, for context – it starts at about the 16 minute mark:


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