Ocasio-Cortez Just Got SLAMMED And Then Loses Her Mind In A Fit Of Rage

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was just slammed and it was wonderful.

Then the socialist darling went on an epic tirade about mansplaining, and to be honest, it was awesome to watch.

Ok, here is a little backstory on this latest Ocasio-Cortez gem.

The 29-year-old has claimed that she is from The Bronx and Queens since she began her journey in the world of politics.

She did it again says ago when she shared a photo of her new plaque.

That is clever, but it is not true at all.

She is actually from Yorktown Heights in Westchester, New York which happens to be a very affluent area of the state, and Michael Knowles called her out on it.

“The average household wealth of the town in which you grew up is $1.2 million,” Knowles wrote.

Well, that set off Ocasio-Cortez into a rage of massive proportions.

“Yep. As everyone knows, I grew up between two worlds + experienced 1st hand how a child’s zip code can shape their destiny.

“It was scrubbing those households’ toilets w/ my mother that I saw and breathed income inequality.

“I decided to make a difference.

“You decide to do this,” she said.

I figured she was raised in another world but I expected it to be Pluto.

“@Ocasio2018 didn’t grow up in a city. She grew up in a small, homogenous, affluent suburb, where she attended excellent schools before pretending she grew up in the Bronx,” Knowles fired back.

“In which a Republican literally tries to mansplaining *my own childhood* and life to me.

“And in true mansplaining form, he’s doing it wrong with an great degree of confidence.

“It begs the question: is the GOP really “sending us their best?” she wrote.

And by mansplaining she means telling the truth but said by a man.


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