Man Waiting In Hospital Slips Into Irreversible Coma After Staff Forgot About Him

The family of a man who slipped into an irreversible coma after being left waiting to be treated for close 10 hours sued the New York hospital.

Angel Riviera was brought into Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx after he was punched in the head in 2014.

Surveillance footage released by the family lawyer showed the 53-year-old being led into a hospital hallway and left there for more than nine hours after he checked in with a head injury.

Lincoln Hospital staffs in the Bronx initially treated him and then brought him into a hallway to wait for further care. But the footage shows no one checking up on him again until more than nine hours had passed.

By the time workers found him, Rivera had slipped into an irreversible coma and was bleeding from the nose.

According to the lawsuit, Rivera slipped into a coma due to the negligence of hospital staff.

His family’s Lawyer said in a statement: “A hospital can’t lose their patient who’s literally right in front of them. How does that happen in the absence of some basic flaw in the way that (emergency department) is run?”

When Rivera entered the hospital complaining of his headache, he was given an identification wristband and an ice pack before being told to stay in the hospital for observation.

After more than two hours waiting, hospital records indicate a member of staff looked for Rivera but could not find him, so staff noted he had “voluntarily left” the emergency department.

Nurses reported the patient had come back to the department in the next morning but the security footage shows he had remained in the same place all night.

He remained in a vegetative state for two years until he died in 2016 after suffering from a heart attack.

Now his family is suing the hospital for negligence, which caused his death.

The hospital officials instantly release a statement following the tragic incident, “While patient confidentiality laws preclude our commenting on the specifics of this case, we nevertheless extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family members of Mr. Rivera.”

Article Sources: Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook Photo Credit: Daily Mail Video Credit: Unexplained/YouTube 

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