Mueller Dealt Crushing Blow By Judge In $350 Million Lawsuit

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was dealt a blow in court when a judge denied the Justice Department’s request to stay a hearing in a $350 million lawsuit.

CNN reported:

Jerome Corsi is suing Robert Mueller in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Previously, the Roger Stone acquaintance testified before the Mueller grand jury and publicly released a draft version of a criminal false statements plea with the Special Counsel’s Office — to which he refused to agree.

Now in the lawsuit, Corsi says federal authorities have unconstitutionally searched his electronic records and his phone.

However, Corsi’s claims in the lawsuit appear to contradict his role in the probe so far.

For instance, Corsi previously openly admitted he cooperated with investigators and handed over his computers. “I handed over my cell phone, signed to the FBI permission to look at all my email accounts. When the FBI was having trouble downloading my tweets and Google, I worked by phone with the FBI from Quantico so they could get access to all my tweets,” he said on a radio show last month.

The lawsuit is the latest example of pushback from individuals called upon by Mueller to provide information in the Russia probe.

Corsi claims that because he investigated Hillary Clinton’s missing emails in 2016 and guessed Wikileaks would leak hacked emails from Clinton’s campaign chairman, Mueller has unfairly targeted him.

“Defendant Mueller has threatened to indict Plaintiff Corsi and effectively put him in federal prison for the rest of his life unless Plaintiff Corsi would provide the false testimony that they demanded, even after being informed that the testimony desired would be false,” Corsi wrote in the lawsuit.

The Department of Justice requested a stay in the case due to the current government shutdown.

A federal judge on Thursday denied a request by special counsel Robert Mueller and several other federal agencies to delay an upcoming hearing in a lawsuit brought by Roger Stone-linked conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

Government attorneys had argued in a United States district court filing Wednesday that the ongoing government shutdown hamstrung their lawyers by cutting off funding to the Justice Department.

“Absent an appropriation, Department of Justice attorneys are generally prohibited from working, even on a voluntary basis, except in very limited circumstances,” they claimed in the filing in Washington, D.C., District Court.

A lawyer for Corsi, 72, retorted that the request for a delay was being “proffered tactically,” and asserted that “it is highly doubtful” DOJ attorneys “are actually prohibited from working.”

Judge Richard Leon denied the request for a stay in proceedings, and reaffirmed that a hearing will be held in a Washington, D.C. courthouse next Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

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