One Mother Cancels Christmas But It’s Their Reactions That Will Have You Talking

It’s a threat most parents make to their children, but few have the heart to follow through.  

But one mother decided to cancel Christmas altogether to teach her ‘naughty’ children a lesson.

Shantel Green said her children Jon-Pierre, seven, and Jessica, six, were too badly behaved to receive gifts this year. 

She told A Current Affair her ‘spoilt’ kids had misbehaved and refused to help her with housework, leading her to cancel the day for them entirely. 

Jon-Pierre told the cameras he was hopeful Santa would give him a Tinky Toy Transformer and some Lego, while Jessica wanted a new doll. 

But when the children woke up on Christmas morning, they found no presents and a letter from ‘Santa’ informing them they wouldn’t be receiving any presents. 

However, the two children didn’t seem too bothered that they weren’t getting their presents and proceeded to play outside.  

‘Santa Claus doesn’t come to naughty kids – not at all,’ Mrs Green told 9News. 

She added that her children don’t help out around the house, even though they are ‘old enough’. 

The mother-of-two justified her actions by saying: ‘Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.’  

What do you think about this mother’s actions? Is she on point or did she take it one step too far?

Sound off in the comments below!


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