Medical Experts Say Justice Ginsburg Is In Failing Health & Her Final Days’ Are Coming…

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health is failing. This is not conjecture, but fact.

And all signs are pointing to something that no one with a heart would wish upon another human being: These are Justice Ginsburg’s “final days.”

From American Greatness:

While I don’t wish to speak ill of an elderly jurist in failing health, and certainly don’t wish to see her condition worsen, realistically her prognosis is not good. Ginsburg, who previously survived bouts with colorectal and pancreatic cancer, was not exactly robust prior to her recent surgery to remove two malignant “nodules” from her left lung.

Moreover, she received a cardiac stent in 2014, has fallen down more than once (most recently breaking three ribs), and was seen falling asleep during the state of the union address in 2012 and 2015. She has been observed nodding off on the bench for years. Despite her much-vaunted exercise routine, Ginsburg’s physical appearance reveals that Ginsburg is obviously frail, speaks haltingly and faintly, and walks with difficulty.

None of this is surprising. Ginsburg, who will turn 86 in March, is the oldest justice on the court. Aging ineluctably leads to physical (and, often, mental) decline, and eventually results in death. Despite her intention, announced in July, to serve “at least five more years,” the Almighty may have other plans. …

Although I can feel the Left’s pain, and sincerely wish Ginsburg a full recovery and long life, schadenfreude compels me to recognize the opportunity this could present for President Trump: the potential for decisive, long-term realignment of the court. A 6-3 Republican majority would compensate for occasional wavering by Chief Justice John Roberts. Conservative hegemony would prevail in the court for decades.

Mother Jones realizes this, and if Ginsburg’s health quickly deteriorates (as some medical experts predict) others on the Left will follow suit. The RBG cult will turn on her. The Mother Jones article ends with these scornful words: “By refusing to gracefully transition off the court when Obama could have named her successor, she has raised the very real risk of her seat being filled by someone who will spend a generation trying to undo all she worked for. If that happens, RBG will become truly notorious.”

RBG’s hubris may be her legacy, and her gift to President Trump.

And, yes, that last part’s true: more and more medical experts believe that Justice Ginsburg is in her “last days.”

From The Daily Caller:

Her surgeon last week removed two malignant nodules [from the lungs]. Were they primary lung cancer or metastases from one of her previous cancers?

She had colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009, both of which are known to spread to the lungs. The lungs are a common site for metastatic cancer as the entire blood supply flows through the lungs, carrying cancer cells from distant parts of the body.

If these nodules were not metastatic, then she would have primary lung cancer. While possible, having three different types of cancer is unusual. Ginsburg was not a smoker, which makes lung cancer less likely. Occam’s Razor suggests metastatic cancer.

Her lung nodules will be examined microscopically to determine the type of and origin of the malignancy. Until that news is announced, we can only speculate. …

But even though many of us are left to speculate, physicians familiar with these sorts of diseases can do much more: They can tell what experience has taught them over long and storied careers.

Experience, Publius wrote in Federalist 15, is “the best oracle of wisdom.”

And experience, in this case, is against Justice Ginsburg.

Dr. Joondeph adds:

If her cancer is indeed metastatic, it is considered to be stage IV, with the worst prognosis. For stage IV colon cancer, the five-year survival is 15 percent. For pancreatic cancer, the five-year survival for stage IV disease is much worse at only 3 percent.

Justice Ginsburg’s fall was fortuitous in that her lung nodules were diagnosed early. While they would eventually be found, they may have grown to the point where surgery was no longer possible.

Why did she fall? Falls are common in the elderly and are a leading cause of injury and death in that age group. Cancer occasionally spreads to the brain, affecting balance, but presumably, her doctors checked for this after her fall. Cardiac issues also cause lightheadedness and falls. Ginsburg had a cardiac stent placed in 2014. …

Based on the cancer found in her lungs, further chemotherapy and/or radiation may be needed. As her medical challenges mount, her ability to serve on the nation’s highest court comes into question.

As Justice Ginsburg’s retirement may be sooner rather than later based on her health, President Trump may soon have another court nominee. …

These are certainly Justice Ginsburg’s “final days.”


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