Family Buries Dog Hit By Car – However, 14 Hours Later, He’s Waiting Outside Their Front Door

In October 1990, Glenn Maloney has delivered a bad news to his children, their beloved dog Mugsy was dead. Mugsy died at about 3:00 pm after he was hit by the car.

He told the people: “I picked Mugsy up, but he died in my arms.”

To protect their children from hurting, Maloney told their children Megan and son Kevin to stay inside. 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier was full of blood with no heartbeat when he checked him.

Maloney said to Oprah: “I was really upset. So I buried him quick and I didn’t even tell the children. I didn’t have the nerve to tell the children, until like seven o’clock that night. Mugsy was dead.”

The family decided to create a little ceremony to say their farewell to their beloved dog Mugsy. Maloney’s daughter Megan requested to put a cross on Mugsy’s grave, Maloney agree and promise to put the cross in the morning,

After they prayed for their pet they return inside. In the morning around 5:30, they were woken up by a loud scratching sound at the door. Maloney was surprised upon opening the door, Mugsy was alive.

Both Tiszl and Maloney were both surprised when they saw Mugsy alive. Tiszl believed that Mugsy was not dead and the dog that Maloney buried was just a look-alike of Mugsy.  But Maloney claimed that it was Mugsy that he buried he know it was their pet because of the tag. He also went out to check the grave was dug up.

Says Tiszl:“Mugsy was covered with dirt and his eyes were bloodshot, who said Mugsy was otherwise chipper. Jack Russells are bred to burrow after foxes. I guess when he woke up in that hole, he just thought it was another old hole and he dug his way out, not knowing it was supposed to be his grave.”

Veterinarians believed that perhaps the dog was just taking a nap until he decided to come out of his grave.

Tiszl told Oprah: “The vet said that probably after six hours, he actually dug his way out. “His heart rate and everything was so slow that it was not obvious that he was alive. He had no vital signs.”

Article Source: Own/Youtube Photo Credit: Western Journalism Video Credit: Own/Youtube

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