Lead Democrat Wants To Persecute Trump On Decades Old ‘Evidence’

A top Democrat thinks there is enough evidence to prosecute President Donald Trump for crimes.

The evidence that he suggests using is decades old.

This is how desperate they are, The Daily Mail reported.

Key House intelligence committee Democrat Eric Swalwell said the panel already has ‘probable cause’ to probe possible Russian money laundering via Donald Trump’s businesses, because the president’s family has given them enough to go on based on what they’ve said in the past.

The California politician was the most vocal the panel has ever been about how they’ll launch an investigation into the American leader’s finances, detailing how Trump or one of his relatives may have taken a step wrong in what they have revealed long before he ran for the White House.

‘We will open up a money-laundering inquiry as to whether the Russians were laundering money through the Trump organization,’ Swalwell, who’s also on the judiciary committee, said on the Yahoo News podcast Skullduggery.

‘To use a prosecutor’s phrase, I think we have probable cause to do that, based on the Trump family’s own admissions that they had money coming in from Russia.’

While the former Republican majority House seemed to go easy on Trump when they began looking into his business background, Swalwall said the plan is to ask the Trump Organization and their big lender Deutsche Bank to turn over records.

He noted there are plenty of lines the last House failed to follow up on, including a blocked number call Donald Trump Jr made after a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting investigated by Robert Mueller.

The meeting was alleged to have centered around obtaining information to harm Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Trump Sr has denied any acknowledgement of it.

If they don’t comply subpoenas will be issued.

Although it’s possible the president may be reluctant, Swalwell hinted he was sure there was plenty to unearth.

‘As far as how many years back does it go, we know that you have evidence in the early 2000s of … Trump properties being purchased by Russians, so the Trump interest in Russia and the Russia interest in Trump does go back decades. From my perspective, I would want to know where did the financial compromise begin,’ he said.

‘You’re talking about years of records, years of relationships that the Trump family has had. I think we want to have a comprehensive picture of whether or not the president is financially compromised by the Russians.’

Apparently someone doing business with Russia at any time is a crime.

Democrats should consider the standard they are setting.

It could come back to haunt them.

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