WATCH: Bongino Absolutely Tears Geraldo Apart on Immigration

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino had about enough of Geraldo Rivera and his twisting facts and absolutely tore into the flaming liberal on national television.

You have to watch this to truly appreciate it.

Partial Transcript:

Geraldo: Let me put a few sentences together here. I would feel equally upset and pained by their tragedy. Where the killer Irish or Italian or Puerto Rican or Jewish, or old or young, I think that to use these tragedies to try to make a political point is not useful at this point.

Hannity: Geraldo, stop it! We have a dead 22-year-old kid, stop. Wait a minute. We have a dead police officer who has a 5-month-old kid. It’s not using, it’s about when is a government going to protect them?

Geraldo: It is grotesquely unfair to use these anecdotes to make a political argument. You start — you started by saying, we have agreements about the wall, the barrier, the fence, whatever you call it. I think this is now a political discussion. This is what the president has earned by his election and perseverance. He’s earned the wall or the barrier or the fence, whatever you call it.

Hannity: How many people have to die?

Geraldo: They have a earned amnesty for the dreamers who are longtime residents of the United States. The vast majority — the vast majority —

Geraldo: You are not letting me make a point. Now it’s a political argument, not an emotional argument.

Hannity: It’s about saving lives, that’s not political, that’s life and death. That’s what the emergency is about.

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