Ocasio-Cortez Has MASSIVE Temper Tantrum That Has The Whole Internet Laughing At Her

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a MASSIVE temper tantrum in front of the world.

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar compared her to President Donald Trump and she went out of her mind.

“Another thing AOC has in common with Trump: media scold,” he wrote with a tweet Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

He was correct.

It was not the first time she had attacked the media.

“This WH admin has made having a functional understanding of race in America one of the most important core competencies for a political journalist to have, yet @CBSNews hasn’t assigned a *single* black journalist to cover the 2020 election.

“Unacceptable in 2019. Try again,” she said.

To say that she did not like the comparison to President Trump is an understatement.

“Or: maybe having powerful editorial positions awash in people from one race, class, or gender isn’t a good idea; since we get 1000% more takes on “brown lady says a curse word” than an actual white supremacist in Congress.

“If you won’t look the mirror, people will do it for you,” she said.

“For what it’s worth, the mix of 7 embedded campaign reporters looked racially diverse (at least based on last names), with the exception of lacking an African-American.

“If there aren’t strict racial quotas for every batch of hires, does it mean a company is racist?” Kraushaar fired back.

That comment got two responses from the childish 29-year-old.

“Do you understand how fundamental the black experience is to American politics? And to American history?

“One race isn’t substitutable for another. It doesn’t work like that.

“It’s not about “quotas.” It’s about understanding the country you’re living in,” she said.

“Now I am tempted to change my Twitter name to:

“’Alexandria ‘looked racially diverse (at least based on last names)’ Ocasio-Cortez,’” she said.


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