SHOCKING New Info Emerges After Bodies Of 2 Dead Black Men Found In Home Of Clinton Donor

Video has emerged of a Hillary Clinton donor smoking meth with a homeless black man he found on the street has emerged.

The video has come after two dead bodies of other black men have been found in the home of the donor, Ed Buck, The Daily Mail reported.

This is the moment Hillary Clinton donor Ed Buck smokes meth with a painfully thin, drug-addicted homeless young black man in his apartment – a partner he had found on the street and offered $300 to carry out his bizarre ‘fetish’ requests.

Buck, 63, ordered the man to wear dirty white long johns and black leather ‘f***ing boots’. The 30-year-old took the photo in a mirror hung in front of the mattress as part of Buck’s fetish, which included making his sexual partner take Viagra, injecting drugs into his penis and injecting him with meth while he slept.

The picture was taken in 2017 at the end of three years of encounters between Buck and the 30-year-old in which the older man would call him ‘my n****r buddy’, ‘my straight n****r buddy’, ‘and ‘black boy.’

It shows Buck smoking meth, wearing tighty-whities and sitting beside the man he paid, who is wearing the underwear Buck provided, while they both watch porn on a television screen in the living room of the wealthy donor’s West Hollywood apartment.

Next to him is a bottle of Gatorade – a drink which another alleged victim said Buck would spike with GHB to get his victims high – bottles of lubricant, tissues and a ‘toolbox’ of sex toys.

The image, obtained by, offers further insight into Buck, who is now being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department over the death of two men at his home.

One of them was Timothy Dean, 55, a former gay porn star who died there on Monday, the other Gemmel Moore, 26, a gay escort who died of an overdose in 2016 and whose death was previously investigated as a possible murder by the sheriff’s department but closed for lack of evidence.

The man Buck was photographed with died of an unrelated illness after his encounters with Buck, but his family have asked for his identity to be obscured because some of his relatives do not know about his interactions with the Democrat.

Before he died, however, he left a detailed account of what happened between the men in a series of encounters which he said turned him into a meth addict. has heard the recording in which Buck engaged in degrading sex practices with the man we are identifying as Blake, including watching the 30-year-old defecate, strip-searching him before he left the apartment, and once choking him when he refused to get out on Buck’s orders.

Buck had an area he called ‘the gates of hell’ near the doorway to his apartment where he would photograph the men he paid for sex, and trawled Los Angeles’ Skid Row to pick up black men, including one regular sexual partner he called his ‘crack baby’, Blake testified.

A dating profile obtained by shows how Buck said he was interested in ‘BLACKS’ and was looking for ‘masculine slender/skinny men’ and said he had a ‘huge underwear, sports gear, mirror’ fetish – as well as hinting that he took drugs by injection.

Buck’s attorney Seymour Amster told ‘I’m not going to comment on all these spurious allegations out there on individuals that we can’t interview… it’s too un-credible for me.’

When told Buck is in a photo smoking meth alongside Blake, Amster said: ‘I have to see the photo because I’ve seen some photos that didn’t look too accurate for me.’

When offered to send him the photo the attorney replied: ‘I’m not gonna comment on it I don’t have time for this…you know, he’s not around, he can’t be a witness, this is just sensationalism.’

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