Trans Teen Undergoes Gender Reassignment Surgery, But It Doesn’t Go According To Plan

Jazz Jennings plans a ‘farewell to penis’ party on the new episode of I Am Jazz ahead of her gender confirmation surgery.

In a sneak peek of the new series the 18-year-old transgender star is seen excitedly agreeing to the bash after mom Jeanette comes up with the idea to make things feel more fun ahead of the complicated operation.

‘I wanna do this party, because I want to have fun with the idea that jazz is having surgery,’ Jeanette explains.

‘This is not fun. There’s nothing fun about this, but laughter is the best medicine.’

However, the whole idea makes Jazz’s dad uncomfortable, saying he prefers things a bit more ‘low-key’.

And he’s definitely not excited about Jeanette’s plans for a phallus cake and piñata.

Jazz comes into the room and she can’t hide her excitement as she tells her parents: ‘I want to do this! This sounds so fun!

‘Maybe I should write a little eulogy to my penis.’

Jazz says she will change the name ‘caterpillar’ which she gave her penis to ‘butterfly,’ for her new vagina.

In a confessional Jazz admits it’s more fun throwing the penis party knowing that she’s making her dad feel awkward.

‘I love making my dad uncomfortable and if this penis party is going to do just that, then we’ve gotta have a penis party.’

In a trailer for her show released last month Jazz could be seen preparing for the operation which took place on 30 June 2018.

Leading up to the surgery Jazz saw a psychic who informed her that her spirit guides were warning her to wait a bit longer for the procedure.

She did, however, go through with it, and looked thrilled as she was wheeled in on a hospital bed.

However, things don’t go exactly as planned, as a doctor called her ‘the most difficult case that I have encountered,’ According to Jazz, that’s because there was a complication during surgery.

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