WOW: Believe It Or Not Saturday Night Live Made Fun Of Pelosi


Saturday Night Live took the rare step of lampooning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Sen. Charles Schumer this week.

They still made fun of President Donald Trump as they do every show.

But this time they actually made the Democrats seem to be unreasonable with the government shutdown too.

The Daily Mail reported:

‘All right, so we decided to do this in the only format that you can understand – a TV game show with women holding briefcases,’ Harvey says.

‘Alright now in your briefcase here, you’ve got the deal that Congress offered you in December,’ Harvey says.

‘And I said no deal,’ the President says.

‘Yeah. Nobody’s excited about that. player. What was your counter-offer today?’ Harvey asks.

‘I want $5billion for my big border wall, and in exchange I’ll extend DACA, and I’ll release the kids from cages so they can be, you know, free-range kids,’ the President says.

Trump is then asked to play Deal or No Deal with other players – the members of Congress with whom he has to negotiate the end of the federal shutdown.

The SNL audience is introduced to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, played by Kate McKinnon.

Trump refers to her as ‘Fancy Nancy Pe-loser.’

‘I’m still working on the nickname,’ the President says.

When Harvey asks Pelosi how she’s feeling tonight, she replies: ‘Me? Just normal. Not like drunk on my own power or anything.’

Shocking that Saturday Night Live would portray Speaker Pelosi as she is, drunk with power. And it continued.

When Harvey asks Pelosi to open her briefcase, the note inside reads: ‘$1billion, and you say Nancy is my mommy.’

Harvey replies: ‘Okay, $1billion for border security. That’s a lot of money.’

‘Yeah, but it’s not $5billion, and I need $5billion because that’s the first random number I said,’ Trump said.

‘No deal.’

Pelosi then confronts the President, telling him: ‘If the government’s shut down you can’t do the State of the Union.

‘It’s for security reasons, not because I’m vindictive or anything,’ she says sarcastically.

The show went on to show Sen. Schumer as weak and being led by Speaker Pelosi.

Stunning for a show that many believe has acted as an arm of the DNC.

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