According to Ocasio-Cortez, President Trump has met his Match!

Want to know what happens when a generation raises their children to believe they are all individually special snowflakes and they all deserve a trophy just for participating? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez happens. And just when we thought the newly elected Congresswoman just couldn’t get any dumber, she goes out and outdoes herself.

Here is more via The Hollywood Reporter:

Her mastery of Twitter has drawn comparisons to Trump. While he has used the medium to demolish the norms of presidential decorum, she employs it to bypass the traditional political gatekeepers to speak directly to the people, often in frankly millennial terms. “There’s nothing new about a politician taking a new medium and mastering it,” observes David Litt, who was a speechwriter for Barack Obama. “One thing that’s very new, however, is that young women of color have historically not been allowed in the political arena in the same way. So the fact that she is certainly the first to be as successful is noteworthy. It doesn’t feel forced; it seems very natural. And I’m sure a lot of work goes into it. Politically, it’s very impressive.”

But with her prodigious social media habits – and the reverberation through the mainstream media – does she risk overexposure? “I mean, all public pronouncements by a politician come with some risk,” notes MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who has had Ocasio-Cortez on his 8 p.m. program several times. “What I think is fascinating about AOC is how differently she views the upside and downside risk of public presence. Most politicians don’t actually want a lot of attention because it brings scrutiny. AOC takes a very different approach, and one I think we’ll see more politicians take as time goes on.”

When I ask Ocasio-Cortez why she thinks Trump has not specifically targeted her, she pauses for several seconds. “I’m not sure,” she says. “I think as nuts as this guy is, one thing he does have an expertise in is media and branding and marketing. And I think, I don’t know, maybe he thinks that he’s met his match.”

Yes, you read that correctly, this nitwit believes President Trump feels he has met his match.

Umm, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, President Trump comes from a generation where they are used to doing and achieving results, not just talking about it on social media. While you were busy serving drinks Donald Trump was busy running a multi-billion dollar corporation. So you see, the President hasn’t met his match, it’s just that he doesn’t see you as being that important. Other than maybe to do the same thing the majority of America is doing as we shake our heads in disbelief as we contemplate how in the world you were elected when you there is clearly so much you just don’t know about how the world works.

The sad part is you believe you have all the answers and that facts don’t matter, and that does make you extremely dangerous.

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