Internet Sleuth Uncovers Multiple Lies Made By Lisa Page, Why Was She NOT Arrested?

President Trump tweeted yesterday that the legal system in the US is not fair when only Roger Stone is arrested for lying to Congress (that is news to me).  The President then points out that many other people, including Mueller’s little friend, Lisa Page, in fact, lied to Congress and not one of them have been arrested.

As always the President is correct, and an internet sleuth uncovered many lies in Lisa Page’s testimony just recently released.

President Trump yesterday tweeted the obvious about the double standard in the DOJ and FBI that Obama created.

Again, he is 100% correct…

Nick Weil then unleashed a series of tweets laying out how Lisa Page did lie to Congress.

Here are the tweets in order and he makes an excellent points.

Page’s biggest lie is related to her knowledge of Christopher Steele.  She contradicts the DOJ’s Bruce Ohr’s testimony.  She or Ohr clearly lied about this their knowledge of Steele.


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