San Mateo California Restaurant Owner Bans ‘Make America Great’ hats!

In a play right out of the old segregated south from 60 years ago a small town chef is now saying anyone wearing a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap will be refused service at his restaurant.

Here is more via Fox 5:

“J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is a chef-partner of the Wursthall restaurant in San Mateo and says in a tweet Sunday that he views the hats as symbols of intolerance and hate.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday that Lopez-Alt’s decision was met with mixed reaction by restaurant clients.

Diners interviewed by the newspapers said they understood Lopez-Alt’s stance but questioned the hat ban and said he could have found a way to start a dialogue on the issue. On Twitter, many criticized the so-called tolerance of the liberal Bay Area. 

Lopez-Alt wrote the 2015 book “The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science.”

He says his restaurant received threatening emails following the tweet and declined further comment.”

Although the keyboard commando has apparently deleted his tough guy talk on Twitter it seems this isn’t the first time he has shown aggression on the social media publication.

Looks like Twitter will just give anyone a “verified checkmark!”

Wow, it seems this is one angry little man. He doesn’t seem to like anyone. My guess is it might have something to do with jealousy? Take his hate towards Chef Gordon Ramsey who is world renowned, has multiple tv shows and restaurants all over the world. While this little man is stuck trying to run a shithole of a restaurant in a city which used to be a paradise but is fast becoming a third world wasteland overrun by crime which is largely kept quiet because the powers that be don’t want to drive away all that Silicon Valley money.

Can’t wait for someone to show up to his meager little establishment while wearing a MAGA hat and he refuses to serve them, only to be bombarded by lawsuits shortly thereafter.

Wursthall Yelp Page

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