Maroon 5 Caves To Kaepernick’s Demands Pushes Social Justice Message During Halftime Show

Former NFL star Colin Kaepernick is not satisfied with ruining football for many fans by starting the kneeling protest during the National Anthem.

Now he and his attorney are angry that anyone is performing during the Halftime Show.

Maroon 5, has promised that it will have some type of nonsense social justice message during the show.

“They will be [heard] – that’s all I want to say because I don’t want to spoil anything,” singer Adam Levine said.

“To make people understand, we got you. We got you,” he said.

Mark Geragos, the attorney for Kaepernick, said that is not enough when he spoke to “Good Morning America,” The Daily Mail reported.

‘Most of the musicians who have any kind of consciousness whatsoever understand what’s going on here.’

He claimed suggestions that his client had given his blessing to Maroon 5’s decision to play were ‘categorically false and untrue.’

Responding to suggestions they would honor the Take a Knee movement he said: ‘I think what would have been more effective is if they had done what the others had done, whether it was Beyonce or Jay-Z or Cardi B or others who just said they weren’t going to be part of it.’

He said Kapernick has been ‘blackballed’ for taking a knee to object to what he sees as ‘systematic oppression and racism’ in the U.S.

Maroon 5 came under scrutiny when a petition signed by more than 113,000 fans demanded that they withdraw from performing at the Super Bowl to support Kaepernick and other players who kneel during the national anthem.



‘I’m not in the right profession if I can’t handle a little bit of controversy. It is what it is, we expected it,’ Levine said in an interview on Thursday with Entertainment Tonight, three days ahead of the big game in Atlanta.

‘We’d like to move on with it, and like I said earlier, speak though the music,’ Levine said of the band’s plans for Sunday’s championship game between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

It followed the surprising word that Maroon 5 would not participate in a pre-game press conference on Wednesday as is traditional.

Levine insisted in the interview that the NFL had canceled the press conference, and would not comment further.

Levine said that he had done deep soul searching before accepting the halftime gig, which other artists, including Rihanna and Pink, had reportedly turned down in solidarity with Kaepernick.

ET’s Kevin Frazier asked Levine whether the controversy had affected how the band will approach the performance.



Levine replied: ‘I could say yes and no, because honestly I think that being in a band and being an artist and publicly appearing and performing, you have to take into account all of the things that are surrounding you, so in that way it’s no different from any other concert.’

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